“Think Like A Kid”

The creation of something new is not accomplished
by the intellect but by the play of the instinct.
Open endless possibilities with the mind of a kid.


Us : The Team
  • Nasser Al Hai (Chairman)
  • Mark Daniel Ambing (Creative Director)
  • Oliver Sapnu (Art Director)
  • Ulyssis Castillo (Web/Digital Dept. Head)
  • Princess Layaoen (Accounts Executive)
Fun : Latest Works
Parents : Clients
  • Red Dragon Gym
  • Red Shrimp
  • DEC Engineering
  • CMCC Group
Playground : Location
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Our Thoughts

Creative Process

People tend to forget that play is serious business. Deep meaning often lies in
childish creativity and endless possibilities. A brilliant thinker once said that
everybody is born with an infinite power to create and influence.
Every newborn, a new idea begins.

At HAIDEN, we unleash this unassuming, honest brand of inner child into our
creative process. We believe play is not a luxury,
it's a necessity. So when we grow up,
we want to be a little boy and cover
the world with our imagination.

The Baker - the provider
of all sorts of goodness!
He keeps us happy, full, and always
on the run for new Potentials.

The Jester - Noise, Pranks,
Rock & Roll, Muscle Cars, JD W/Cola.
Yup !! That's his special ingredients
to be Creative (according to him hehe..)

The Fisher - Brand Development,
Campaign Strategy & Development, Web Development & Digital Marketing, Graphic
Design & Illustrations, YUMMY!

Circus Runner - burning graphite
instead of rubber.. I run through paper using ink and pencil. to deliver illustrations
& creative ideas.

Web Honcho - adventurous,
passionate, American Bulldogs, outdoor.
Tryin' to make a difference to the
lives of people around me.

What We Do


  • Advertising - Print / Radio / Digital
    • Communication Consultancy
    • Strategic Planning
    • Campaign Building
    • Media Planning & Buying
  • Brand Development
    • Brand Development
    • Identity Refacing/Rebranding
    • Brand Identity Guidelines, Application & Usage
  • Creative Development
    • Tailor-made Planning / Execution for New & Old Brands
    • Campaign Strategy & Development
    • Graphic Design & Illustrations
  • Web Development & Digital Marketing
    • Website Design/Development
    • Digital Strategy & Communication
    • iPhone and Mobile Applications
  • Promotions & Event Management
    • Interior Design Consultancy
    • Exhibitions & Hardware development
    • Event Planning


Red Shrimp

Brand Development
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DEC Engineering

Corporate Identity
+ + +


Creative Box
Coming Soon

R. Di Siena Consulting

Brand Development
+ + +

Red Dragon Gym

Brand Development
+ + +

A Plus

Corporate Identity
+ + +

Cansco Dubai

Brand Development
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CMCC Group

Corporate Identity
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Brand Development
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How We Play

When you “think like a kid,” you see the world from a colourful perspective of a five year old. You gain that fresh creative rule that springs with a playful frame of mind. Kids say the darndest things, and that's the beauty of it - simple, bold and effective.


“Every child is an artist.
The challenge is how to remain
an artist after we grow up.”
~ Pablo Picasso

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Organize : Categories
  • Red Dragon Gym
  • Red Shrimp
  • DEC Engineering
  • CMCC Group

Play With Us

We always welcome new playmates who knows the
rules of the game. If you think you have the skills
and appetite for some fun, you are always welcome to
play with us. Just make sure you bring some
toys and candies with you (kidding).


Print / Digital : Art Director

A team player who can work with minimal supervision. Must be creative & skilled with the right tools. He/She can conceptualise and execute artworks, able to work on flexible ours and meet deadlines. Must have knowledge of both print and digital executions on ATL and BTL accounts. Must have an experience in studio works and knows about materials (print or hardware executions). A fun guy who is still living around his/her creative world.

Well Versed in:-
- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Indesign
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Flash is a plus
- Any 3d knowledge is a plus

Attach application with your portfolio (PDF only)

Print / Digital : Creative Writer

A writer who can compose both creative and content writing. Must be able to bounce of ideas with the creative team,work on flexible ours and meet deadlines. Preferably someone with an advertising agency experience who knows the terms & lingo.

Ideal characteristics and know-how:-

Creative thinker
- Resourceful
- Well versed in English
- Well versed in street lingo and creative lingo

Attach application with your portfolio (PDF only)

Digital : Web Developer

The successful applicant will play a pivotal role in the design and development of websites and internal projects for a very wide range of purposes. He/she will be responsible for building and developing internet properties using varied CMS platforms, on time and on budget.

In addition to the day-to-day work, the successful applicant will enjoy a very lively and casual atmosphere. He/she can expect to be absolutely included and immersed in the business, helping with new business leads, sales, account management, creative design and forging new internet businesses.

This is a truly exciting role for an ambitious and driven, responsible and technically-minded individual.

Skills & Abilities required:-
- Excellent knowledge of HTML
- Excellent knowledge of CSS
- Excellent knowledge of Photoshop
- Ability to accurately convert Photoshop files to HTML
- An eye for design
- Experience in open source content management systems including WordPress
- Familiar with JQuery and Javascript integration
- Excellent knowledge of cross-platform optimisation
- Good understanding of SEO best practices
- Sound knowledge and appreciation of web standards

Desirable Skills & Abilities:-
- Knowledge of PHP
- Experience in HMTL5 and CSS3
- Experience in Magento (and other ecommerce platforms)
- Experience working in a commercial environment
- Experience building responsive layouts for cross-platform optimisation
- Experience building HTML email newsletter templates

Attach application with your portfolio (PDF only)

Accounts : Client Servicing/Account Handler/Account Fisher

A sales executive who has a strong capacity in getting in clients. Must be well versed in communication skills in English (Arabic and French is a plus). Preferably someone with an advertising agency experience who knows the terms & lingo. A team player who can contribute ideas or fine tune creative ideas. Must have strong selling skills and able to work on briefs and presentations.

Ideal characteristics and know-how:-
- With advertising sales experience
- Young and energetic
- Has a strong sales skills
- Will be able to present
- Experience in composing a creative brief
- Knows the advertising lingo

Attach your resume (PDF only)

Office 205, ACICO Business Park, PO Box 76978, Port Saeed, Dubai UAE
T: +971 4 2500621 F: +971 4 2555286 E: info@hai-den.com


Leave everything behind, it's time to fly my car.
Let's drive to Pluto and play all day.
Dance on the moon, reach for the stars.
Grab some chocolates in the Milky Way,
let's get home before bedtime comes.

“Think Like A Kid”

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Office 205
ACICO Business Park
PO Box 76978
Port Saeed
Dubai UAE

T: +971 4 2500621
F: +971 4 2555286
E: info@hai-den.com